Bormioli Rocco Pulsar Cooler Glass, Ocean BLue

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Title: 0.47L [Ø8.5cm x 14.4cm] x 6 Pcs
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This glass is part of the Pulsar collection: featuring a handmade look with a feel of genuine artistry. Minimal yet modern design, the perfect addition to any table setting to serve your guest with. With a capacity of 47 cl (16 oz), this product is ideal for serving cocktails, drinks and long drinks that require the use of crushed ice. It is delicately faceted, gently reflecting light into its contents, creating iridescent shades of colour. The glass is dishwasher safe.

The colouring procedure goes through a technology developed by Bormioli Rocco. This process ensures that the colour of the glass will not fade throughout the lifetime of the glass. This glass is 100% recyclable and is dishwasher safe.

47 cl - 16 oz
h 144 mm - 5 3/4"
Ø 85 mm - 3 1/4"

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