Chasseur Cast Iron Mini Oval Casserole With Cover, Blue With Cream Inner Layer

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CHASSEURSKU: 6133-4717-41

Size: 17cm x 16cm x 12cm [1L]
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Mini casserole in enamelled cast iron, perfect for cooking and serving directly at the table in individual portions.


- A must-have for making delicious stews: cast iron retains heat efficiently, allowing you to use the gentlest cooking methods.
- Continuous moisture distribution during cooking: the ridges on the interior of the lid condense and then evenly redistribute moisture which is full of the aromas of the dish being cooked.
- Suitable for all cooking methods, including induction hobs and ovens.
- Unique, handmade product: French craftsmanship.


- Cooking: the cast iron must be heated gradually. To avoid creating thermal shock, do not use the booster function on induction hobs.
- Care: do not use very abrasive cleaners or sponges so as to avoid damaging the enamel.

Diameter - 17cm
Capacity - 1L
Height - 11.5cm
Width - 22.25cm
Depth - 16.5cm
Weight - 2.25kg

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