Orved Cooking Smooth Vacuum Bags

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ORVEDSKU: 6693-BAG/S-COOK-2900241-100

Size: 40cm x 50cm [100pcs/pkt]
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For sous vide cooking, a vacuum-sealed bag is absolutely necessary to allow for the most efficient energy transfer from a precisely heated water to food. PBA-free and PVC-free, safe for food contact and safe for cooking. Other than for cooking, it is also perfect for storing food. Vacuum-sealed food keeps food fresh for a longer period of time by keeping the moisture in. 

Made of highly resistant films, each OPA/PP cooking bag is characterized by a thickness and resistance that allows you to vacuum pack any solid, liquid or soft food with the use of professional bell-shaped machines. Longer vacuum preservation thanks to the thick quality of the bag. 

Recommended for solid, liquid and soft products.

For cooking in bain-marie and steam oven. 

MIN: 3°C / MAX: 85°C - 72h
100°C - 2h
121°C - 30 mins

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