Orved EVOX 25H-8 Vacuum Chamber Machine

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The smallest countertop vacuum sealer developed by Orved, ideal for packaging solids and liquids. Equipped with a powerful vacuum sensor to ensure the best vacuum packaging. ompact and convenient size with a height of only 27cm, this unit can be installed in any business or kitchen restricted by small spaces. 

Orved Evox 25H has a complete stainless steel frame and a vacuum chamber with "HIGH FLEX" technology to always ensure the perfect vacuum in an ultra-resistant chamber. 

Touch panel has 3 preset programs; EVOX 25 is easy to use, simply with a touch of a button. 
Transparent tempered glass lid; providing greater visibility of product during packaging. 
Evox 25H features: 4 sealing levels, automatic pump dehumidification program (H2Out), accessory for vacuum in external bags(Easy), vacuum pump of 8 mc/h and a wireless sealing bar, length mm 260.


Power: 450W
Voltage: 230V
Vacuum Chamber Dimensions: 303x293x110mm
Max Bag Dimensions: 250x300mm
Sealing Bar: 260mm
Max Vacuum Level: 2mbar
Vacuum Pump: 8mc/h
Dimensions: 444x481x271mm
Weight: 27kg
Warranty: 6 Months

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