Orved IDEA 30 BUSCH Vacuum Chamber Machine

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The Idea Line includes the best of Orved technology: complete automatic vacuum sensor for perfect vacuum packaging results with all products: food, non-food or liquids. Hydroformed vacuum chamber for durable quality and ease of cleaning. Characterized by the ease of use, this model allows several overlapping vacuum bags to be sealed all at once. The control panel includes a memory of 10 vacuum programs, with the possibility on Idea 31 and Idea 41 to add gas (optional) or to perform a deaeration program (removal of oxygen) to create special vacuum cycles for every customer’s need.

Digital control panel; memory of 10 different programs, programs for vacuum in containers or external bags, manual degas programs, automatic packaging cycle control with automatic start and stop, automatic oil cleaning. 
Heavy duty chamber; hydroforming process that ensures smooth surfaces for ease of cleaning and long lasting quality. 
Map; gas vacuum allows even for the most soft and delicate products. The gas will prevent any kind of damage or breakage of product, ensuring a perfect vacuum all the time. 


Power: 600W
Voltage: 230V
Vacuum Chamber Dimensions: 332x335x170mm
Max Bag Dimensions: 300x350mm
Sealing Bar: 315mm
Max Vacuum Level: 2mbar
Vacuum Pump: DVP 8mc/h - BUSCH 8mc/h
Dimensions: 433x502x378mm
Weight: 32.5kg
Warranty: 6 Months

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