Revol Pekoe Small Cup, Black Smooth Dark Metal

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Size: Ø6cm x 5.5cm [8cl]
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Pekoe, being the most fragrant and delicate kind of black tea, from the very first harvest of the plant, especially from young shoots. In a homage to both its delicate design and remarkable quality, Revol introduced Pekoe. Pekoe collection is designed to celebrate the art of tea. At both tea-time and at the dining table, the contemporary lightness and minutely executed aestheticism of this collection set the stage for a high-class tasting experience. The unique fin designed is meant for a heat dissipator - allowing you to hold the cup even without handle. The fins also ensures stability when resting on saucer. Pekoe leaves to appreciate the attention to detail of an industry that is always ahead of its time.

Ø6cm x 5.5cm Cup

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