SONA Counter Top Elec Induction Cooker with Steamboat Pot 2,100W

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SONASKU: 1168-SIC8603

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The SONA Multi-Function Induction Cooker (SIC 8603) introduces safe cooking without the use of fire, and is capable of shortening the time needed to serve food. With the body of the induction cooker being black colour, the side covered in white and the control panel designed with gold colour, the colour combination paints a modern and neat impression.
In addition to its modern and sleek appearance, the induction cooker has a large rotary magnetic stacked wire disk; with a large heating surface and uniform distribution of heat. This eliminates the issue of uneven heat distribution that affects the cooking of food and the outcome of the food. And with 8 pre-programmed cooking temperature modes, it further simplifies cooking for users.
This induction cooker is designed with several safety measures, such as an overheat safety protection, auto pot detection safety measure, fan cooling duct, and temperature display. These safety measures are installed to ensure user safety, for instance the cooker will only heat when it has detected a pot on the hob. The newly designed fan cooling duct ensures better heat dissipation and thus, longer product lifespan. The temperature display allows the user to be aware and cautious of the temperature of the heating surface.

Large Rotary Magnetic Stacked Wire Disk
Large heating surface
Uniform distribution of heat
Unique Splash Resistance Structure
Overheat Safety Protection
Auto Pot Detection Safety Measure
Newly Designed Fan Cooling Duct
Better Heat Dissipation
Longer Product Lifespan
3 Hours Auto Cut-off Timer
8 Pre-programmed Cooking Temperature Mode
Multi Function Menu Controls
Digital Timer or Temperature Display
Non-fire Cooking
Easy Cleaning


Power: 2100W
Voltage: 220 - 240V, 50/60Hz
Dimension: 27x36x6.5cm

Weight: 2.92 kg

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