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Improve the flavour and aroma of your wine greatly with decanting. The act of aerating allows your wine to interact with oxygen, which opens up the bottling’s aromas and flavors. It also allows a wine’s tannins to smooth out while settling any sediment in the bottle.

Though decanting is most often associated with older red wines, any younger red or white wines that taste flat at first sip may improve with as little as 15 minutes of aeration. Shop our decanters that will deliver the best glass of wine.

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Bormioli Rocco Electra Long Wine Decanter
  • $32.70
Bormioli Rocco Officina Clear Glass Decanter
  • $30.50
Bormioli Rocco Ypsilon Caraffa Decanter Glass
  • From $4.40
LSA Arran Whiskey Decanter With Walnut Base
  • $298.00
LSA Flask Decanter
  • $253.90
LSA Gustav Decanter
  • $122.20
LSA Hector Decanter
  • $152.70
LSA Islay Whiskey Connoisseur Set With Walnut Tray
  • $871.80
LSA Islay Whiskey Decanter With Walnut Base
  • $298.00
LSA Lisbon Decanter
  • $125.60
LSA Ono Decanter
  • $196.50
LSA Quad Decanter
  • $253.90
LSA Renfrew Whiskey Decanter With Walnut Base
  • $298.00
LSA Wine Carafe
  • $95.50
LSA Wine Water Carafe
  • $78.80