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Get perfect, restaurant quality results with sous vide cooking. Sous Vide (pronounced “sue veed”), a French cooking technique that professional chefs and restaurants have been relying on for decades, has been gaining popularity of late with home cooks. A relatively simple cooking method that requires little to no monitoring, leaving you more time for what is truly important to you.

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Explore contemporary handmade glass & high quality porcelain by LSA

LSA City Dome With Walnut Base, Large
  • $341.20


LSA City Dome With Walnut Base, Medium
  • $209.70


LSA City Dome With Walnut Base, Small
  • $106.00


LSA City Bowl With Walnut Lid
  • $99.40


LSA City Bar Jug & Stirrer
  • $111.20


LSA Lotta Serving Platter
  • $159.10


LSA Lotta Olive Set With Ash Base
  • $123.60


LSA Lotta Container With Ash Lid, Medium
  • $123.60


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