The Art of Plating Food 

Does beautiful food taste better? It is believe that food plating is not just merely laying food on dinnerware. It is a presentation and skilled chef, an artist who uses the plate as a canvas to tell stories and inspire diners.

A study by Zellner, et al. (2011) and Michel, et al. (2014) agrees that food is tastier and get better rating (up to 18%) when it is place neatly and in balanced compared to unbalanced and untidy presentation, although the ingredient and quantity remains similar.

Steelite Robert Gordon Australian Pottery

Robert Gordon

Heritage leads to innovation- For over 70 years and three generations, Robert Gordon Australia has been making quality pottery. The brand stands for craftsmanship and creativity, and has been built around the importance of its heritage.

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Revol Charactere


The ‘‘Caractère’’ collection reveals this meticulous work: the chosen thickness of the line and the rhythm provided by the height of the edges are the result of painstaking research and a guarantee of their elegance on the dining table. Invisible to the naked eye, the delicate lip gives the collection a lightness that adds poetry to the finished article.

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Eternum Flatware Cutlery Anzo


With Anzo, we present a model with an original design, while remaining consensual, allowing a great diversity of scenarios. With the designer Louis de Limburg Stirum, we reinvented the knife. By giving it a place to position the end of the index finger, we make it more ergonomic than ever (registered design).

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Bormioli Rocco Glassware Electra


All-encompassing collection with technical features that make for functionality and easy use.

The modern design is perfect for an elegant and contemporary table setting.

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