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Peugeot Mills have been an essential benchmark for gourmets and great chefs alike. They are exceptional pieces that have become tableware icons, from coffee mills to salt, pepper or spice grinders, manual or electric, Peugeot Mills are a pleasure to use with their sleek and elegant design, their noble indestructible materials, their range of shapes and colours and their ever more innovative mechanisms.

The Peugeot salt mill has an innovative mechanism specifically adapted to dry or moist salt, to bring out the full richness of its aromas. Peugeot's iconic pepper mill is available to enhance the diversity and intensity of the aroma of pepper. A wide range of Peugeot mills so that you can get the best from each product. Shop now!

36 products found in Salt & Pepper Mills

Peugeot Alaksa Elec Pepper Mill, Brown
  • $113.80
Peugeot Alaska Elec Salt Mill, Brown
  • $113.80
Peugeot Alaska Elec Salt Mill, White
  • $113.80
Peugeot Bali Pepper Mill, Black
  • $58.20
Peugeot Bali Pepper Mill, Slate
  • $58.20
Peugeot Bali Salt Mill, White
  • $58.20
Peugeot Baltic Salt Mill, Clear
  • $54.40
Peugeot Bistro Antique Pepper Mill, Beachwood
  • $62.80
Peugeot Bistro Antique Salt Mill, Beachwood
  • $62.80
Peugeot Brasserie Duo Pepper & Salt Mill
  • $102.40
Peugeot Daman U-Select Pepper Mill, Clear
  • $103.00
Peugeot Daman U-Select Salt Mill, Clear
  • $103.00
Peugeot Elis Sense U-Select Elec Salt Mill
  • $172.90
Peugeot Fidji Salt Mill, Black Matte
  • $61.70
Peugeot Mahe U-Select Pepper Mill
  • $110.50
Peugeot Mahe U-Select Salt Mill
  • $110.50
Peugeot Nancy Pepper Mill, Clear
  • From $48.60
Peugeot Nancy Salt Mill, Clear
  • From $48.60
Peugeot Oleron Pepper Mill, Chocolate
  • $67.30
Peugeot Oleron Salt Mill, Chocolate
  • $73.00
Peugeot Paris Antique Salt Mill, Beachwood
  • $90.10
Peugeot Paris Chef U-Select Pepper Mill
  • From $97.50
Peugeot Paris Chef U-Select Salt Mill
  • From $106.90
Peugeot Paris Classic Pepper Mill, Chocolate
  • From $50.70