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Arborescence is a collection of dinner plates, bowls, salad plates and mugs inspired by nature. Every plate has a rim which resembles the natural finish of wood. Each piece has a nice “heavy” feeling to it and each plate is finished by hand and has a unique texture. Very resistant, they are chip resistant, sturdy and dishwasher safe. They can also go in the oven and microwave up to 572F. Available in 3 colors: Pepper color (all the way through black clay and grey glaze bringing contrast and personality); Liquorice color (all the way through black clay with black glaze and a subtle matte and shiny finish) and Ivory (white clay with a creamy glaze for a sober and elegant look). Each piece is unique and colors may vary. The range includes dinner plates, dessert plates, bowls and mugs. Also available in large serving dishes (bowls and platters). For a very rustic and elegant touch!


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Revol Arborescence Coupe Bowl, Ivory
  • From $39.40
Revol Arborescence Coupe Bowl, Liquorice
  • $39.40
Revol Arborescence Coupe Bowl, Pepper
  • $39.40
Revol Arborescence Deep Coupe Plate, Pepper
  • $68.90
Revol Arborescence Mini Bowl, Ivory
  • $21.10
Revol Arborescence Mini Bowl, Pepper
  • $21.10
Revol Arborescence Rectangular Plate, Ivory
  • From $61.40
Revol Arborescence Rectangular Plate, Pepper
  • From $61.40
Revol Arborescence Round Flat Plate, Ivory
  • $42.30
Revol Arborescence Round Flat Plate, Liquorice
  • From $42.30
Revol Arborescence Round Flat Plate, Pepper
  • $42.30