Atago DOM-24 Frying Oil Monitor

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Monitoring the quality of oil has never been easier with this Frying Oil Monitor. This handy device effectively and efficiently measures both TPM (Total Polar Materials), a standard used in Europe as an indicator of the overall quality of frying oil, as well as AV (Acid Value), which indicates changes in cooking oil properties. Long and lightweight, DOM-24 makes it easy to stow this away without taking too much storage space. Better oil days are coming. 

Total Polar Materials (TPM): 0.5 to 40.0%
Acid Value (AV): 0.00 to 9.99
Temperature : 0 to 225 / 32 to 437°F

Total Polar Materials (TPM): 0.5%
Acid Value (AV): 0.01

Temperature : 1 / 1°F

Total Polar Materials (TPM) : ±2.0% (20 to 200 / 68 to 392°F)

Acid Value (AV): ±0.2

Temperature : ±1 / ±2°F

Temperature Compensation: 0 to 225 / 32 to 437°F (Accuracy guaranteed from 20 to 200 / 68 to 392°F)

Power Supply: Size AAA alkaline battery × 2

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