Benriner Side Turning Vegetable Slicer

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Creative cooking and vegetable preparation is so much easier with Turning Slicer. Churn 10 servings of vegetable garnish in 1 minute! The Benriner Side Turning Vegetable Slicer is the go-to kitchen assistant for making fine cut carrots, potato stings, salad strings of green pepper or beets, curly strands of cucumber and many more. Max out the vegetable with minimum wastage. Benriner Side Turning Vegetable slicer peels a wide variety of vegetables that sits firmly in the center spike with an adjustable turning dial for different thickness of cut. Turn the handle to produce fine strings of vegetables. Comes with 3 different types of Interchangeable Blades (fine blade 1mm, medium blade 2.5mm, coarse blade 4mm). The fine blade makes excellent garnishes for meals. Medium blade is excellent for quick and easy uniform stir-fry. The coarse blade makes chunky cuts of vegetables. Helps to achieve lengthy strips of angel hair strips with ease and precision with this simple and easy to use device. 

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