Benriner Super Vegetable Slicer with Shredding Blades


Sale price$96.10


A wide Benriner Slicer to cut a larger variety of fruits and vegetables, especially food items that are bigger or wider. It is a slicer that easily slices fruits and vegetables with consistency and precision, produces evenly cut products that cooks evenly and looks presentable. Large handle for a comfortable grip while slicing. Handcrafted Japanese stainless steel blades that cuts amazingly well. 4 interchangeable blades (straight edge, coarse, medium and fine tooth); make wide slices, chunky cuts, long narrow and extra-narrow julienne strips. Comes with a finger guard to prevent accidents. Indent under the slicer to hook onto bowls to collect slices. Easy-turn dial adjusts thickness as thin as 0.3mm to a thickness of 5.0mm. Perfect for both household and professional use, producing easy, quick and beautiful vegetable slices. 

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