Bormioli Rocco InAlto Uno Wine Glass, Large


Title: 0.55L [Ø9.9cm x 23.3cm]
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This glass is part of InAlto Uno collection: designed by Aldo Cibic, it features contemporary tapered lines combined with a classic bowl shape. The InAlto Uno XL Wine glass highlights a perfect balance of proportions in combination with an exceptional lightness and perfect distribution of glass.

This model, which has a capacity of 55.5 cl ( 9 3/4 oz), is ideal for serving structured and aromatic still red wines, because it enhances their complexity.

The stem of the glass, produced in one piece with the cup, is obtained through a particular hot pulling process of the stem.

A very uniform and linear rim is achieved by using a laser beam (rim cutting). This technologies are specifically designed to meet the needs of professionals and high-quality of wine tasting.

- Lead Free Crystal Glass - Lead free Crystal glass (Dir. Cee 69/4939) in the exclusive “Star Glass” composition. Is characterized by the purity of the raw material and the clarity and crightness of the products. “Star Glass” does not alter the colour, smell or taste of the wine (see chart). Shapes moulded with expertise, Star Glass guarantees high end beautiful recyclable products.

- XTL Treatment - The XLT treatment on the surface of the stems ensures Bormioli Rocco stemware resistance to the most frequent causes of breakage (washing, twisting, etc.). XLT protects the stem from abrasion and maintains its sturdiness over time.


55.5 cl - 18 3/4 oz
h 233 mm - 9 1/4"
Ø 99.6 mm - 4"

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