Bormioli Rocco Rock Bar Rocks Glass

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Option: 0.27L [Ø8.4cm x 9.2cm] x 6 Pcs
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Part of the Rock Bar collection, this is designed specifically for barmen. This collection has the complete solution to serve all types of cocktails, long drinks and desserts. With a capacity of 27 cl, this Rock Glass has been designed for serving sparkling, plain or tonic water. Suitable for serving juices, fruit juices and soft drinks. Comes with a wide mouth design, this design draws inspiration from the past, giving this glass a vintage style to the design. Available in 3 other colours. 

Bormioli Rocco stackable products, are designed and manufactured to guarantee the best vertical stackability without getting stuck. Easy to store and easy to handle. 

The glass goes through a process of tempering to improve the hardness of the glass, making it more resistant to thermal and mechanical shocks. Making the glass ideal for intense, safe and repeated use over time. 

27 cl - 9 1/4 oz
h 92.5 mm - 3 3/4"
Ø 84 mm - 3 1/4"

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