Cambro Cam GoBox Pans & Trays Carrier, For 60 x 40cm Pans

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CAMBROSKU: 5110-EPP4060F9R-110

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A front-loading carrier designed around day to day versatility, the Cam GoBox 4060 is ideal for transporting 60 x 40 cm pans, sheet pans, and trays securely. This is a top choice for catering businesses looking to improve food safety and quality from kitchen to customer. The unique design of the Cam GoBox 4060 Front Loaders protects safe food temperatures for 4+ hours with a condensation barrier to remain drip resistant. Incredibly lightweight, the carrier is ma carrier to ensure comfortable carrying from all four sides, while durable hinges and latches allow the door to open 270˚ and remain open for convenient serving access. A built-in compartment for CN 1/1 hot or cold plate to allow for even distribution across all levels in the carrier. A built-in label area keeps optional plastic menu tags in place for easy content identification. 

Holds safe food temperatures for 4+ hours
Fits 60 x 40 cm pans, sheet pans, and trays
Ideal for restaurants and catering operations
Recessed back wall compartment fits:
- GN 1/1 cold plate (Camchiller)
- GN 1/1 hot plate (Camwarmer)
Build-in handles all on four sides of the carrier
Inter-stacks with GoBoxes and major brands
Built-in menu tags for content identification
Designed from BPA-free expanded polypropylene
Lightweight, 100% recyclable material
Beveled door edges ensure easy closing
Opens 270˚ for easy access to contents
Condensation barrier prevents drips
Dishwasher safe

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