Chiba Vegetable Slicer, 3-in-1

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With this manual vegetable slicer, you can obtain paper thin sheets, angel hair strips as well as paper thin net shaped sheets similar to criss cut fries. Much more efficient and precise than cutting by hand. With the flat blade, it mimics the knife cutting technique called katsuramuki, which involves cutting around the circumference of a vegetable (most often daikon radishes or carrots) to obtain one continuous paper thin sheet. With the julienne blade, you can obtain fine long strips (called tsuma).
Cut the vegetable to an appropriate length and pierce the core with the detachable bar.* Vegetables such as cucumbers that have soft cores are not suitable for this device.

- Flat blade attachment
- Julienne blade attachment
- Fish net shaped attachment

Maximum diameter of vegetable: 4"
Maximum length of vegetable: 4 3/4"
Thickness of paper thin sheets: 0.5 mm
Thickness of angel hair strips: 0.8 mm

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