De Buyer Stainless steel Automatic Piston Funnel With stands and 2 Nozzle

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DE-BUYERSKU: 5333-3354-52

Size: 20cm
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Dispense with optimal precision quickly and accurately with this heavy duty piston funnel by De Buyer. Dispense consistent flow of cream, sauces, soup or any fluid preparations onto your plates, improving your dish presentation, at the same time, letting you have full control over the portion. 

Ideal for restaurants and bakeries with high volume of orders. 

Comes with 2 stainless steel removable nozzles, this De Buyer piston funnel has 3 output sizes Ø 5-10 and 15 mm. When not in use, the 2 removable nozzles fits under the handle for storage; so that you will not lose the pieces. 

Design: 2 stainless steel handles for easy and safe handling. Deep conical funnel allows fluid to slide naturally through the nozzle. Fully removable mechanism simply by turning the screw. Comes with stainless steel wire stand and anti-slip feet to provide extra stability. 
Use: Simply press the lever with your thumb to release the flow.
Care: Dishwasher safe. 


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