Edlund Digital Weighing Scale With ClearShield Protective Cover, 5kg/1g

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Our BRAVO! BRV Series Digital Portion Scales set the new standard in affordably priced, high performance scales for Foodservice. With our new, Exclusive, ClearShield™ Protective Cover feature, your scale can stand up to almost any task while being protected from damaging grease, dust, and excess juices, which can cause corrosion.
• Model BRV-160 Display options include: 10lb x 0.1oz/160oz x 0.1oz/160oz x 1/8oz/5000g x 1g
• Exclusive ClearShield™ Protective Covers keep juices, grease and other food products off scale and display, keeping scale looking newer, longer
• Replacement ClearShield™ Protective Covers available in convenient 3 packs (Note: ClearShields will only fit Edlund BRAVO! Scales)
• Other models and capacities available
• Field recalibratable (Optional calibration weight available)
• Easy to use buttons include on/tare, mode/calibrate, zero, and off
• Larger, Easy-to-read LCD display
• Removable stainless steel platform for easy cleaning
• Auto-Shut-Off Feature
• UL/CUL/CE approved dual voltage AC Power supply or works with 2 AA Batteries (Batteries not included)
• Side Mounted Power Jack helps eliminate broken power supplies
• Power jack plug eliminates internal corrosion when used with batteries
• NSF Certified

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