Imperia Manual Pasta Machine, La Rossa

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For the perfect homemade pasta, you may get the best dried pasta in your neighborhood supermarket, but nothing can beat the delicate and authentic flavor of fresh homemade pasta. With the Imperia La Rosa machine comes with roller and tagliatelle & fettuccine cutters, making your favorite pasta at home is an easy task. It is a hand operated pasta machine that is extremely easy to use and is designed to make life simpler for you in the kitchen. This pasta roller with tagliatelle and fettuccine cutters has a 6 inch wide roller that lets you make thin lasagna sheets that can be cut into a variety of pasta and noodle shapes. Robust Build and Superior Quality. This pasta roller machine is made in Italy and has a robust build and firm grip that does not slip when you are using the machine. To allow easy handling, it has a wood grip handle and clamp. With the T.2 tagliatelle and T.4 fettuccine cutters, you can easily make pasta, noodle, tortilla, vermicelli, dim-sum, spring roll, fondant and wanton. Also included in the package is a detailed instruction booklet for using the machine as well as a recipe booklet to make homemade pasta. With a comprehensive list of features, this Imperia pasta roller is a useful addition to your kitchen.

Features: Chrome-plated steel pasta machine
Type: Hand operated pasta machine
Wood grip handle and clamp Includes: 1 Red pasta machine roller (deplex) with tagliatelle and fettuccine cutters
Additional Features: 6 inch wide roller, easy-lock 6 adjustment dial

Additional attachments for a variety of noodle shapes available separately

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