Imperia RMN220 Commercial Electric Pasta Machine

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The Imperia RMN220 is the classic fresh pasta sheeter. Featuring 10 thickness adjustment settings, the machine produces a 210mm (8.3") sheet of pasta which can be used for ravioli, lasagna, or cut by hand. Optional cutter attachments cut your pasta into various widths including popular cuts such as fettuccine and pappardelle.

Ideal for restaurant and clubs. Complete with roller unit, tray, handle and clamp. Cutters not included.

-Pasta Dough Feeding Tray
-Manual Crank Handle (for adjusting Optional Pasta Cutter)
-Pin (for attaching Optional Pasta Cutter)


Power: 300W
Voltage: 220V
Roller Width: 210mm
Roller Opening Max: 5mm
Dimensions: 350x220x305mm
Weight: 15.8kg
Warranty: 6 Months

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