Krampouz GGCIM2AA Stainless Steel Surface Griddle, 2 Zones

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Plancha “Design” to cook varied and healthy meals. Robust and durable equipment with timeless design.Developement based on our expertise in the field of cooking. Enjoy preparing all your meals outdoor.

• 2 cooking zones
• Stainless steel casing and cooking plate - approved for food contact
• Cooking surface with 4 anti-spill edges
• Removable and integrated drip tray
• 2 U-shaped burners for perfect heat distribution
• 2 Flame Supervision Devices (FSD) designed to stop flammable gas going to the burner if the flame is extinguished
• Piezoelectronic gas ignition system
• Fuel : liquid butane or propane


Dimensions: 760x460x250mm
Weight: 23kg
Warranty: 6 Months

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