Peugeot Bistro Antique Salt Mill, Beachwood

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Size: 10cm
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The Peugeot Bistro Antique collection salt mill is a unique piece finished by hand. This vintage Peugeot salt mill in aged beechwood will bring a touch of nostalgia to your home.

This model, simple and refined, will please all lovers of aged wood. A reproduction of a model created in 1874, the Peugeot Bistro Antique salt mill is emblematic of Peugeot expertise. It has become a staple in cafes and French bouchons. The beech wood on each piece is worked by hand in order to finely restore the charm and beauty of distressed wood and reveal the beauty of the natural material. The knob is used to adjust the grind of the salt and ensure a perfect result. The tighter the knob, the finer the salt. A Peugeot salt mill that you won’t want to be without, to enhance the flavours and authenticity of your kitchen and your table.

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