Robot Coupe CL20 Vegetable Preparation Machine

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ROBOT COUPESKU: 5033-M-22395

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Processing capacity : Large hopper allowing bulky vegetables, such as lettuces and cabbages, to be processed.
Wide variety of cuts: Comprehensive range of 48 discs for slicing, ripplecutting, grating and cutting into sticks, strips or dice (from 5x5x5 mm to 25x25x25 mm) with optimumquality and precision every time. 375 rpm single-speed appliance ideal for processing delicate foodstuffs, dicing or making french fries, as well as guaranteeing a wide variety of slicing, grating and julienne cuts. 375/750 rpm two-speed appliances successfully reconciling speed and cutting precision.
Simple, sturdy design: All parts which come into contact with foodstuffs can easily be removed for cleaning, thus maintaining the highest standards of hygiene.
Induction motor for intensive use.
Target: Institutions, Delicatessens, Caterers, Restaurateurs.


Power: 400W
Voltage: 230V, Single phase
One Speed: 1500rpm
Dimensions: 325x310x570mm
Weight: 12kg
Warranty: 1 Year

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