Silikomart Modern Kit Buche Arabesque Log Shaped Mould and Mat

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The arabesque mat, sized 280 x 185 h 6 mm, is presented in black and it adapts perfectly to the log shaped mould Bûche (250 x 90 h 70 mm. 9.84 x 3.54 h 2.75 inches) allowing you, after putting the mat inside of it, to make a perfect log for cooked or semifreddo preparations with arabesque texture. The mat arabesque presents in the texture an indicator that allows the combination of more mats to create if necessary more extended textures which can be used with bigger log shaped moulds.
Kit Tortaflex Bûche Size: 250 x 90 x h70 mm
Volume: 1300 ml
Tappetino arabesque 280 x 185 x h6 mm

Oven / microwave proof
Freezer / blast freezer proof
Dishwasher safe

250mm x 90mm x 70mm
Vol. Total: 1300ml
Vol. Cavity: 1300ml

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