Vitamix The Quiet One Commerical Blender with Casing, 1.4ltr

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A powerful, premium blender, The Quiet One® provides unparalleled sound reduction, exceptional beverage blends for a consistently superior product, and significantly improved speed of service. Specifically created for coffee shops and high-end bars, it's ideal for any front-of-house environment thanks to its dramatic sound reduction capabilities.

• Up to 4 times quieter than the competition due to the
advanced vibration dampening technology; resulting in
quality drinks in a more enjoyable atmosphere
• Ideal for front-of-house-environment
• Magnetically secured floating sound enclosure is
dramatically easier to clean and disassemble. No screws
to damage the enclosure
• 6 programmes buttons with 34 optimised programme for
easier, consistent blending
• Advance® container creates faster, smoother pouring and has
a longer blade life resulting in time and cost savings along
with improved customer experience
• Air management and powerful ?3 peak output HP motor
reduces noise, improves reliability and reduces down time


Power: 1300 – 1500W
Voltage: 220 – 240V, 50/60hz
Horsepower: ~3 peak output
Capacity: 1.4lit
Dimensions: 27.2x21.6x45.7cm
Weight: 9.1kg
Warranty: 1 Year

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