Whip-It! Full Stainless Steel Cream Espuma Bottle

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Capacity: 1.0L
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This heavy duty Whip-It! Stainless Steel dispenser is built to withstand extended daily use in a commercial environment. Favored for its versatility and reliability, this dispenser is perfect for a variety of hot and cold applications from creams, mousses and sauces to soups, foams and other molecular gastronomy-inspired creations. Expand your mixology repertoire rapidly infusing herbs, spices, chilis, and fruits into spirits to create unique craft cocktails in minutes.

0.5 liter capacity
100% stainless steel bottle & head
Plastic tip
Includes (3) decorating tips (round, star, and tulip)
Can be used for cold & hot applications
Dishwasher safe
HACCP compliant
NSF listed

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